Batman ★★★★

Tim Burton’s pitch perfect, indelible take on the iconic Batman character is, for me, the definitive Batman film which suited Burton’s style perfectly, and is not only the best Batman film but also can be considered among the greatest comic book films ever made. 

The city of Gotham is exactly how it should be. Dark, mysterious and intoxicating. Burton’s visuals and aesthetic work seamlessly with the Batman character, the art and set designs are impeccable and reminiscent of the visuals within Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Keaton’s Batman is iconic and a solid interpretation, much greater than what Christian Bale was able to produce under Nolan, however it can be said that Nicholson’s Joker takes centre stage here, his absurdity, dark humour and unpredictability is excellent and provides an immense dynamic to every scene he steals. Nicholson is right at home as the Joker and perfectly embodies what the character is all about, this is also helped by some much better writing for Nicholson’s Joker as opposed to Ledger’s Joker in the The Dark Knight, however I must say both are magnificent performances and Ledger did so much with his Joker despite the poor writing. What sets this apart from other Batman films is the lean script, and how it moves along at a perfect pace and how it gives an ultimately rewarding experience.

It’s great to see a Batman film that is perfectly adapted from its source material and in the hands of a director that can mould it into something uniquely special and visually appealing, which also has well written characters and motivations. This is the best take on Batman there is, all done within just one sleak and stylish film.

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