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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Recently I have grown tired of Tarantino.

    This is not to say I don’t like his work, but I feel he has simply lost his way, Everything after Kill Bill Vol 2 Has been overlong, bloated and self indulgent. That’s not to say he is isn’t a smart writer/director who knows what he is talking about, because he is, But I often feel he needs to have an editor stand over his shoulder to tell him this film can’t be…

  • Warm Bodies

    Warm Bodies


    Warm Bodies, must have been hard to market. The first poster was a Twlight-lite image of a Zombie and a girl embraced. Then the trailer got released and it seemed the first poster was a misstep, what the trailer showed us was a clever knockabout comedy with an element of romance. So when I stepped into screen six of the local Odeon I didn’t really know what to expect. I was hoping for the comedy version (we really don’t need…

  • The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


    Let’s start things off simply and with a very bad and clichéd point. This film is not incredible as the title would imply.

    But it’s really not as bad as it’s been getting stick for, having just bombed both over in the states and here in the UK, I was expecting it to be a bit of a wet turd.

    Burt Wonderstone Is the story of, you guessed it, Burt Wonderstone a Vegas magician who is outdated and in need…

  • The Invention of Lying

    The Invention of Lying


    If your not a fan of Gervais steer well clear.
    But if your willing to give it a try you will find a smart Rom-Com about the meaning of religion.