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  • Mud
  • Suburban Gothic
  • Hero
  • Big Fish

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  • Sins of the Father

    Sins of the Father


    I really liked this. I loved just about every performance, although I will admit it took a while for David Michaeli’s performance to start working for me. I just felt like it was overly dramatic at times, but the more stuff that was revealed about Aden the more that began to make a good deal of sense to me, and by the end I’d say that the performance worked quite well for me. I thought the writing here was super…

  • Vampire Circus

    Vampire Circus


    I really liked this. I loved all the circus performances, and all the acting performances. I thought this was pretty good from a character standpoint as well, and Anton, Dora, Albert, and Rosa were my favorites, although I also liked Emile. The opening only kind of worked for me, but for the most part I was genuinely invested pretty much the whole time, no matter which character it was following or what tone it was taking, and I thought a…

Popular reviews

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    I liked this. I thought the cinematography was great in quite a few places, with a number of shots sticking out to me as really cool. For the second and third stories, I had trouble understanding what was going on at the beginning but quickly caught on, and whether or not that was intentional it helped in making the movie a somewhat unique experience. The third story with Jeffrey Wright was probably my favorite, and I thought each story had…

  • Go



    I quite liked this. I loved how different each story was, and while my favorite was Adam and Zack’s, I was pretty impressed with each one, and specifically how well-established their tones were. Ronna’s story had this disjointed, druggy, and almost kind of bored vibe, while Simon’s was fast-paced, hectic, and almost anxiety-inducing at times, and Adam and Zack’s had this fun, mostly unpredictable vibe that still had its own form of late nineties angst to it. I loved the…