Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★½

I really liked this. I thought the score was quite good and I danced along to it frequently. I also thought the direction here was great and that the atmosphere was super well-put-together, with every bit of filmmaking going together greatly in my opinion. I thought the acting was really good and had mistakenly believed Bill Paxton and Adrian Pasdar were playing each other’s roles until the credits rolled, and I have to say that Bill Paxton’s performance here felt really different from the one I just saw him give in Frailty. I thought Mae was really quite the badass, and to some degree all the characters were really. All the gang-members could be standouts at different times for me with the exception of Homer, who never really grew on me. I was more on the vampires’ side for most of the movie and I’d call it a pretty cool, and brave choice to suddenly show them as savages in a less fun light towards the end. I thought there was some surprisingly effective tension here a lot of the time too. I’d call this pretty 80s and I feel like it’d be a good introduction to the grittier movies from that time. I thought Caleb was acting like a bit of a creep at the beginning but I did feel like he and Mae made a pretty nice couple ultimately due to both of them being kinda weird in their own ways. I did feel pretty bad for Mae some of the time, though, because of how Caleb made her do the killing. I also wasn’t always able to connect to the movie emotionally a ton of the time unfortunately. I loved how much effort and ambition felt like it was packed into the movie’s climax, and I thought it was a brave choice to give the movie a happy ending, but while the zoom-in worked for it well in my opinion I don’t think the freeze-frame was necessary. I thought Lance Henriksen gave a pretty damn charismatic performance here and I’d call him an underrated actor. I also felt like the movie was pretty believable a lot of the time and like that was a pretty cool detail to get right. Overall, I really liked this and would recommend it for when you’re in the mood for an eighties action-horror movie.

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