Venom ★★½

This was a rewatch. I recalled the movie being a pretty noticeably flawed but well-made movie, and while that is still how I would view it for the most part, I also found it to be much more entertaining than I had remembered. I think the first scene is legitimately gritty and sets the movie up pretty well, and overall I would call it a good action movie. I think the acting is pretty inconsistent and the screenplay feels weirdly incompetent in some places, and the pacing at times felt completely ridiculous, but I thought the action was pretty well-choreographed and Tom Hardy gave a good performance, and I actually loved the music, which I would probably say is one of the greatest parts of the movie. Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it in every case, but if you’re in the mood for a somewhat gritty, somewhat dumb action movie, you could probably do worse, and I do think the second act and ending are both satisfying in their own ways.

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