Favorite films

  • Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion
  • The Transgressor
  • Vampyros Lesbos
  • The Whip and the Body

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  • Horror Island


  • Up from the Depths


  • The Echo


  • Dr. No


Recent reviews

  • Horror Island

    Horror Island


    Bill (Dick Foran) is a get rich quick merchant who stumbles across a treasure hunt scam where he escorts a motley group of characters to an island once owned by notorious pirate Captain Morgan in search of buried loot. Unfortunately, an evil killer known as The Phantom is also on the trail of the supposed treasure. Directed with plenty of zip by George Waggner from a witty script by Victor McLeod, “Horror Island” is a bit of a departure from…

  • Up from the Depths

    Up from the Depths


    “Jaws” rip-off set in a Hawaiian beach resort (although shot in the Philippines) that sees the resort come under attack by a prehistoric giant shark resurrected after an undersea earthquake. Beach bum hustler Greg (Sam Bottoms) ends up leading a motely bunch of locals and visitors in a battle to the death against the beast. “Up from the Depths” is a mess from beginning to end – the script is ludicrous, the special effects dire and the acting abysmal. Sam…

Popular reviews

  • The Devil's Plaything

    The Devil's Plaything


    "Der Fluch der Schwarzen Schwestern" ("The Devil's Playing" aka "Vampire Ecstasy") delivers more nude lesbian witchy vampires than any sane film should attempt to contain. Written and directed by trash master Joe Sarno the film takes place in the Bavarian mountains where a group of witchy priestesses look after the spirit of the medieval vampire Baroness Varga. When a group of strangers arrive at the castle the seductive leader of the coven sees a way to resurrect the Baroness.


  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    Although outwardly a nihilist, violent, gritty urban thriller, "The Warriors" is a highly political commentary on a decaying social order; a revolutionary political tract (with deeply religious overtones) and a comic book teenage empowerment fantasy, all wrapped up within a self-mythologizing retelling of the Greek Battle of Cunaxa from 401 B.C. Nine members from each of the main street gangs in New York are summonsed to a meeting in Van Cortlandt Park by Cyrus (Roger Hill), the leader of the…