Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

Snyder has excised Whedon’s punch lines, so that the Flash no longer kids about brunch and Superman, back from the dead, no longer jokes about his coffin itching. In Whedon’s version, after Batman is beaten to the ground by Superman, he dryly quips, “Something’s definitely bleeding!” In the Snyder Cut, he just stays down, bruised and broken.

There is an early scene in which Affleck’s Bruce Wayne visits Iceland, where Aquaman is hiding. Turning down his offer to team up, Aquaman tells Wayne, “The strong man is strongest alone.” In the Whedon version, Wayne fires back, “That’s not a saying — that’s the opposite of what the saying is!” In the Snyder Cut, Wayne has no retort. Whether you agree with the sentiment, it feels like an improvement that the movie at least accepts its own ethos. If nothing else, the Snyder Cut is no longer rife with such contradictions.

Went long on the Snyder Cut and its various improvements for the New York Times:

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