Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ½

Sometimes you get the Snyder Cut right away.

Netflix allows us a look at every director’s inner monologue of what they would make without any restrictions. Snyder has proven his own worse enemy in the scenario, making himself DP.

It was all a blur. Given an intense shallow focus, it’s incredibly hard to tell what’s happening on screen. A headache of a movie, it does less than nothing with usual zombie tropes, deciding that, despite a whole history of these movies being vessels for social commentary, what if they were just the most general idea of zombies in an action film? The camera choices do the film no favors, every scene is technically inept and difficult to watch, and it’s a very long movie, for how little it has to say. It’s all fairly bad news, with a universe for the film in the pipeline.

Snyder will still hold a lot of goodwill. He seems to be a good guy, but untalented and unconcerned with how to properly shoot a movie, or even to ensure his movie is baseline watchable. There are far more egregious sins in movie land than making a basically unwatchable film that is almost comical in its disregard for form. But this is a really terrible movie anyway.

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