Little Girl

Little Girl ★★★½

SIFF 2021 — #2

There are foregone conclusions at film festivals. I was always going to cry like a baby. That was the only possible outcome for Little Girl. As a parent who has learned compassion and empathy from my child, and a very sensitive film viewer when it comes to the plight of children, I was always going to break. So, Little Girl did not surprise me. It was equally as brave and as sweet as I thought it would be. It fulfilled exactly the expectation I had of it. And it worried me deeply.

We talk about this a lot with my daughter. She is very aware that gender is fluid. That people have differences. And that we love them for who they are, and always accept, never question, identity. It sinks my heart like a rock when a child makes a choice and it’s not accepted by a culture.

It also scares me to make documentaries about it. I can’t quite put into words exactly how, but as a parent, it’s something I’d just be terrified to do. It’s such a personal journey that I’d prefer to honor as natural, and not making a filmmaking production with all those pressures around the situation. It’s also a movie I would not like to criticize much, am certainly glad exists, and would like other parents to see.