Malignant ★★★

A good mass of the film feels as though horror regressed back a decade, more stagnant than malignant. The camera choices don’t particularly work. The horror itself doesn’t yet land. But it serves as the setup for some wonderfully weird exhibitions of hilarious horror ideas. Eventually, Malignant becomes the most fun you’ll have watching a new horror movie this year. I’ve always wanted a movie story set in the Seattle underground also, having toured it a few times, and having a fascination with the Seattle of the old days. It ticks quite a few boxes, enough so that we might forgive it fully for being so messy in getting there and then delivering a silly and delightful third act that will make returns easy enough, knowing just what’s coming. It feels like nothing about it is operating as a cohesive unit, until it really is, and then, how can you say no? It’s such a fun movie, if not particularly ever a great one.

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