No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

Daniel Craig’s Bond hesitates. There are moments where, having become weary and world worn, Bond isn’t always sharp and doesn’t always have the right answer to any situation anymore. Instead, he falters, he thinks twice, he winces, he’s pained by years of experience, he’s not a super hero nor super spy in the slightest.

This minor detail of grounding, accompanied by more literal layers of grounding in the Craig Bonds, makes the finale feel utterly final. It is surely the last act. A moment of resonance after the climaxes we have already seen.

It’s a smarter Bond by Fukunaga for these slight layers of humanity. It’s not a holistically well made movie, not all the time, but it certainly puts a cap, and a necessary end point on the finest overall season of Bond, where Craig showed us exactly how the character could be modernized. It stands tall as a final Bond, if not ever truly great, but none of the final Bonds ever have been, and are rarely even this good.

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