Untold: Crime & Penalties

Untold: Crime & Penalties ★½

These Netflix Untold docs are reprehensible versions of the 30 for 30 format. I’ve watched a few now, and they love giving terrible people platforms. Worse, they’re unthinking and unexamined portrayals of problematic issues in sports.

Here’s this family that maybe literally inspired The Sopranos family. The boss of this criminal trash truck industry buys his son a hockey team. The rest of the film celebrates the dumb confluence between their crime ring and what they did with their minor pro hockey team.

Even as a hardcore hockey fan and a milder fan of organized crime, I can’t put any stake in documentaries with nothing to say. The subjects get to be funny and amusing and as with the whole Netflix series, it unthinkingly wants to absolve everyone involved with problematic sports stories of all guilt and provide a pr mouthpiece for them to spout off.

I’ll admit some entertainment out of the chaos of it all, but I can’t imagine any other value.

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