Moxie ★★★

2021 Ranking 

I understand why some people take issue with Vivian being the central character in this, however I think it was kind of Amy Poehler's way of finding her route through the material, which is a mixed bag where some of the stuff involving the high school gender dynamics is generally really compelling, but falters a bit when trying to apply it to the bigger picture. Poehler's direction is generally quite unfussy while having a palatable affection fro all its characters, and makes this a nice watch even over some of its rougher patches. Even when the laughs didn't work or the dramatic moments fell a bit flat (though some work really well), its earnestness of spirit kept me engaged.

Hadley Robinson is a nice natural lead, although I will wholeheartedly admit that Lauren Tsai and Alycia Pascual-Peña stole the show with much more interesting characters. Nico Hiraga and Patrick Schwarzenegger are both solid as essentially opposite sides of the coin. All in all, liked this more than expected.

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