Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

2020 Ranking 

More than holds up on the rewatch.

It is interesting how revelations towards the end put certain lines of a certain character in a new light; hitting in a way that's still humorous yet tinged with that looming sense of dread.

Likewise with knowledge of the endgame to Cassie's actions, it's remarkable how I still feel that tension. Knowing how things will turn out doesn't lessen the impact - I feel like this is the kind of film that digs deeper and deeper with every rewatch. It still manages to be very entertaining, as it was before, while ensuring you never lose sight of its message. Emerald Fennell's panache for visuals, her expert musical choices, and above all her balance of tones is just some of the best of the year.

Lastly, I didn't give it that much thought last time but reuniting the father-daughter duo of An Education via Carey Mulligan and Alfred Molina (one scene wonder of the year) was genius in terms of the dynamic it creates between them. What I really love about that scene is that it doesn't offer an easy way out. It doesn't suddenly shift the film's message, it doesn't force things, it just offers a momentary yet impactful break to Cassie's endeavours, wherein lies the beauty of Mulligan's performance. So controlled, so assertive, so charismatic, so fearless and yet at that point, so helpless when shown humanity. I don't think I've cared as much for a pair of characters as much as Cassie and Nina.

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