Rye Lane

Rye Lane ★★★★½

2023 Ranking 

Fell in love with this and can’t wait to spend time with it again. Raine Allen-Miller crafts such an immersive, infectious ride that packs so much within its short runtime, and letting us hang out with such ease at the same time. it carries you in such a (visually and tonally) colourful, vibrant way this lifts you as it goes along. At the same time it finds the depth within the levity, a striking combination not dissimilar to Lovers Rock. The weaving of our leads in and out of memories, hijinks, to more low-key chats, all so seamless, all bouncing off together all at once into something magic.

The leads David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah carry us with hilarity and heart from one beat to the next. Conversations retread back so naturally into what’s been said before, and how much Jonsson and Oparah make each next step in their dynamic sing to the great screenplay by Nathan Bryon and that outstanding soundtrack. As a directorial debut, it's nothing short of outstanding; as a new entry to the romcom canon, nails everything in the playbook while adding fresh new touches. Many like to say the romcom is coming 'back', well here I'd say it is finding a new, fresh beautiful page where stories like these are getting told to new audiences.

P.S. The cameo frickin' rocks!

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