Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

2020 Ranking 

The stupidest thing about that Bill Maher video a week or so ago about how 'depressing' this year's Oscar films are is the fact he completely brushed over how a film which tackles heavy subject matters of addiction, hearing loss, and codependent relationships ends up being one of the most inspirational films I've seen from last year, to the extent I kind of feel like it's become a bit of a comfort film for me. Sure, it breaks your heart, but who's to say a film with tragedy can't do that, while also bringing optimism and hope in how its protagonist deals with it and is supported by it?

It has to be said that as much as this is Ruben's story of healing and self-reflection, it is also an insightful look at how Lou, Hector, Joe, the other recovering addicts, Diane, her students, even Lou's father all offer their own forms of support to him on his difficult journey. It's a film that where, harsh as it may seem and tough as it may be to deal with, every single action is taken in the best interest of others. I don't know, there's something I find remarkably comforting about a film like that.

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