The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

2021 Ranking 

The entire final 30 minutes or so is a masterclass, and have no hesitation in declaring it overall a resounding success, but exactly how, or why, shall have to wait. There are a few reservations I had, mostly to do with the midsection subplots, though there are so many things I adored that really those didn't matter. Manages something which I haven't found with Lowery's previous films, which I generally like but never fully loved, in that he earns the sort of higher 'importance' he grants the narrative, diverging but also honouring the source material wonderfully. It ends up being quite profound by the end in its examination of Gawain's journey from fearful to...well, not quite fearless, but that's exactly what I found so compelling.

Dev Patel is fucking INCREDIBLE in this. What presence, and what a unique journey he goes on in this.

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