Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

2021 Ranking 

Return to form for Ritchie after Lemen The Gent which isn't really praise because that was utter shite and this is just pretty mid for the most part. It's nice to see Statham back to his roots but really this is one of his less interesting parts to play with. The story at hand is very nihilistic and jaded which for me doesn't really suit Ritchie's style, I feel like someone along the lines of Bennett Miller could've brought more out of this narrative but in Ritchie's hands it felt unengaging to me, particularly in the whole buildup, though the final act is certainly more playing towards his strengths.

Not that there isn't anything to praise here, there's a lot more visual panache, as aforementioned better than Lemen The Gent, and Scott Eastwood gives the best performance of his career, which sounds like a diss because he's generally dire, but this role fits him to perfection, maybe he should just play hollow nasty pieces of shit from on, and I mean that as praise, it suits his acting style.

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