• Something Wild

    Something Wild


    1986 Ranking 

    RIP Ray. What a scene-stealing bonkers turn this was. Wild how this ended up influencing Dumb and Dumber of all things.

  • Coffy



    1973 Ranking 

    It's all about Pam Grier really and she is a domineering, fearless presence in this in taking everything the plot throws at her and making something memorable out of it. Excellent star vehicle with a decent enough plot and sense of place and time.

  • Chi-Raq



    2015 Ranking 

    Pulsating with fiery energy and fury, with a standout lead turn by Teyonah Parrish, this tells this kind of narrative in really how Spike Lee has that unique knack for. It can get a wee bit unwieldy at points but it is consistently striking and powerful in hitting the marks.

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    2022 Ranking 

    Top notch action and sound design, Cruise in peak adrenaline frenzy form. Mixed on the storytelling (man that romance is a real drag - Kelly McGillis is sorely missed, Jon Hamm has more chemistry with Cruise than Jennifer Connelly). The Maverick/Rooster stuff isn’t quite Rocky/Adonis Creed level but it works for the film. Nevertheless it engages and hits the sweet spots enough (the Iceman scene is great) and after all it’s all about the action.

  • Children of Heaven

    Children of Heaven


    1997 Ranking 

    Once in awhile a beautiful film like this just grabs ahold of you and makes you feel the purest emotions possible. Such a simple story but so eloquently told in its tale of just kids being kids, in the best and most authentic possible way, that really is quite something.,

  • Dopesick



    Michael Keaton’s career best I think, and that is really saying something.

  • Road House

    Road House


    1989 Ranking 

    No one else can quite recreate what Swayze does. Put this kind role in any other person’s hands and it wouldn’t work! Dumb fun for the weekend, perfect choice.

  • The French Lieutenant's Woman

    The French Lieutenant's Woman


    1981 Ranking 

    The ambition of the screenplay is something to behold in itself. I don’t think it attains greatness quite, just in terms of I liked the blend between the meta and ‘real’ stuff but I don’t think either side pushes far enough to be truly masterful, but it’s good. Definitely one of Streep’s best Oscar-nominated turns, and Irons is great with her too.,

  • Benediction



    2022 Ranking 

    Few moments where I think it spins a bit too much into tangents that lost me, especially towards the end (the ending is powerful but I think cutting some of what came before would’ve made it hit even harder), but overall a pretty fascinating exploration of Sassoon as a poet and individual. Jack Lowden is consistently terrific and I particularly loved the scenes of him at the hospital and with Ivor Novello (a deliciously venomous Jeremy Irvine). The…

  • RRR



    2022 Ranking 

    Maximalist filmmaking at its finest, upping the ante relentlessly. Gunfights, drums, tigers, got ‘em all! And the perfect kind of narrative to push it along, no wasted time on trying to humanise those nasty British colonialists, just focus on the good stuff! Jr NTR and Ram Charan (what an opener) are so much fun to watch. The fact is sustains that big rhythm throughout is rather impressive. Movies, good!

  • Only When I Laugh

    Only When I Laugh


    1981 Ranking 

    Glenn Jordan's direction is workmanlike it does kind of hinder me from enjoying this more than I would've, because there are a lot of things to enjoy here, Joan Hackett is really fantastic and though Elizabeth McGovern is still my choice of that year's nominees, I think she'd have been a great winner too. Marsha Mason (as always right at home with Neil Simon) and James Coco are good too, and Kristy McNichol while probably the weaker link,…

  • Murder by Decree

    Murder by Decree


    1979 Ranking 

    Plummer and Mason are an enjoyable Holmes and Watson and I liked their dynamic, I just wish the film around them was a little more interesting.