A Close Shave

A Close Shave ★★★★★

The best of all the WALLACE & GROMIT shorts.

I like that this entry has a story with more scope and a larger cast. The plot spans more time and is more well-rounded...or at least as much as a plot about sheep rustling, bungee-jumping window-washers, a porridge gun, prison breaks, motorcycle chases, and evil robot dogs can be. The entire tone of the film is "We know our plot doesn't really make sense if you think about it too much, so just go with it."

This is also the first time someone other than Wallace speaks. Wallace is given a love interest in Wendolene, a woman who's perfect in every way except her dislike of cheese. Their scenes together are very heartfelt, and I like how the romantic music swells every time Wallace clumsily talks to her while Gromit is caught in slapstick in the background.

Once again, the level of details here are amazing, from the funny headlines on every newspaper to the graffiti on the walls in Gromit's jail cell. The titular duo are also given a new companion, Shaun the Sheep, who causes his own mischief, but also saves the day.

This film has all the comedic magic realism of Jaques Tati, and may well be claymation's finest moment!

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