Sixteen Candles ½

This whole movie is cringe-- an old relic from the 1980s that I hope no one looks back on with a trace of fondness. Weird dialogue, awful sound design, the most cardboard characters. Molly Ringwald is charming, but she's not given much to do. Michael Anthony Hall's geek exemplifies everything wrong with casual rape culture. Michael Schoeffing as the love interest makes one shudder about outdated ideas of what a "nice guy" is supposed to be. And Gedde Watanabe as the Chinese foreign exchange student is every Asian stereotype combined; his characterization is infantilizing, racist and offensive.

The only remotely good thing in this movie is the classic shot of Samantha and Jake, sitting in the dark on top of a kitchen table with a birthday cake in between them, lit with the titular sixteen candles. And it lasts all of 10 seconds.