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  • True Romance

    True Romance


    Without spoiling anything, Tarantino's alt. ending isn't as good as Tony Scott's. The original ending to this film is my favorite ending to any movie ever. And that one was kind of a downer.

    PS if it wasn't clear I watched Tarantino's Director's Cut of the film this time.

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    When the movie ended with everyone dying and a hard cut to the credits I burst out laughing. What else could I do in that kind of situation, man?

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  • Horseshoe Finale

    Horseshoe Finale


    As we all know, or at least all smart and cultured people, Mr. Jesse Wood, Mr. Endless Jess, Mr. Manchild Inc., Mr. The Real BestGuyEver, is a goddamn genius. I'm ashamed that I can't recommend him to people, though he wouldn't want me to, seeing as he believes 90% of people are total morons who can't understand 2 feet in front of their face, he often says he hates his commenters and fans because they never have anything worthwhile or…

  • Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla


    This is like that one episode of Evangelion, where Misato has to convince everyone to let her shut down Neo-Tokyo to power her missile, but for 2 hours. Not complaining I love it.

    Love the more political heavy scenes while the actual Godzilla scenes drag a bit to me... It's really good, Anno.
    This film is sure a satire of bureaucracy, but what I like about that is that they still won't paint a direct "Bad Guy" (other than…