Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½


It’s so disconcerting, the things that your memory holds onto without you knowing.


After releasing on Prime this past December, I got the chance to view Darius Marder’s spectacular film, Sound of Metal. Ruben (Riz Ahmed), a heavy-metal drummer who performs with his girlfriend, Lou (Olivia Cooke), suddenly loses his hearing in the midst of touring. Now, as Ruben begins to fall apart seemingly, he must decide whether to work towards the happiness and life he once had or start anew.

At its core, Sound of Metal shows what one will relinquish to receive what they believe they need. Throughout, Ruben makes an abundance of choices he deems will help tackle his misfortunes, regardless of whether these actions dismantle his identity. There are numerous moments of both heartbreak and triumph, as this film ended up resonating with me on levels I hadn’t expected. The sound editing is some of the best I’ve heard. After reading reviews from those who’ve experienced deafness similar to Ruben, the consensus is this film accurately portrays (unlike nearly any other) what it sounds like to undergo hearing loss. This affected my viewing experience because it firmly placed me into a position I rarely contemplate. Not only did I watch Ruben come to terms with his deafness, but I got a brief chance to understand and hear what others have experienced. Lastly, the entire cast did fantastic yet; it’s Riz Ahmed who gave a performance that’s certainly worthy of a ‘best actor’ nomination this upcoming award season.

Right up there atop my favorite 2020 films, Sound of Metal is a film that I’d recommend to many.

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