Criterion, the final frontier: an ongoing list of CC films with actors who have appeared in Star Trek

I haven't logged all that much this year on Letterboxd because I've been preoccupied with Star Trek. I'm still the same friendly neighborhood cinephile I was before, but now that I have a geek property to identify myself with, I'm going to salute two of my passions: Star Trek and The Criterion Collection.

This list collects all of the films in the Criterion Collection (and Eclipse sets) featuring actors who have appeared in Star Trek (every official series and feature film is eligible). This is almost exclusively a list of guest actors; the only actors of main crewmembers of a Trek series who have also appeared in a Criterion film are TNG's Denise Crosby (who, of course, was killed off…

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There are 6 war films in this list.

  • Barry Lyndon


  • Foreign Correspondent


  • Night Train to Munich


  • Overlord


  • Ride with the Devil


  • The Thin Red Line