Okja ★★★★★

I'm beginning to think that Bong Joon Ho is a misanthrope, or at least something like a Mennonite. This movie will make you question your ethics (unless you are already vegan or something). 

Upon leaving the theater (Lincoln Center Film Society - a really great place with great patrons too) I overheard a few great reactions. One guy said something like "there are only two reactions you can take to this, completely forswearing meat, or ignoring it completely" and another, older white guy, said to his wife "you know that everything was portrayed as caricature. No one is really like that."

Unfortunately I think the first guy is right and the second is wrong. True, the animals we eat are not as intelligent as Okja and they don't have the same capacity for sentient experience, but the horror and cruelty of the food-industrial complex really is almost as bad as portrayed. Fortunately, I anticipate that meat will very soon be completely replaced by microbe-synthesized equivalent replacements and virtually everything we eat will technically be vegan, but until that time this movie will continue to weigh heavily on my conscience. 

Also all of the actors do amazing jobs and the symbolism and artistry of the writing, directing, and editing are all absolutely wonderful. This is an ideal example of how to use CGI correctly - CGI can only be as bad as the purpose for which it is used.

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