Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★★★★

Unintentionally I bookended my Christmas vacation with TROS viewings. It gets better and better with every watch though I guess I started at 5 stars so I suck. Hahaha!

There’s still a few little things I’m not thrilled with, not big story points or reveals but small things. Without getting too spoilery I’d move Chewy’s medal moment up to happen before the final battle. He gets back, hears the sad news and needs some motivation to continue on, so that’s when Maz could’ve been like, “here, Leia wanted you to have this”. It could’ve picked his spirits up just enough to remember what he’s fighting for, get him back in the right headspace to continue on. 

Also when did the Falcon’s landing gear get damaged? It landed fine in the desert, seemed fine aboard the Star Destroyer, then for some reason they had to crash land on Endor?!?!  Maybe it would’ve been cool if the First Order had torn it apart a bit while it was in their custody. If some of her parts had been strewn about the docking bay and what they stole back was kind in pieces. I dunno. Just some thoughts.

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