Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

European Premiere Report 

Unashamedly fun, loud and Spielberg; Ready Player One could only be told on the big screen by cinemas biggest champion and fan. 

Thia is movie is a straight up blast. RPO may flirt with metaphorical depth: with the voluntary enslavment of social media and the growing power of business monolpolies, but Spielberg is more interested in showing his audiences the ultimate (fitting) escapist film. 

But that isn’t to the disservice of the complex world at the heart of Ready Player One, which is the most vibrant, realised word since Avatar’s Pandora, or the energetic script, which nails the floor-shaking action set pieces and the light hearted character beats. 

Tye Sheridan blends the everyman and movie star in both mo-cap and live action roles. An exciting actor that I’m looking forward to seeing more leading roles from.

Art3mis is a stand out character that wrestles to steal the film and Olivia Cooke gives a really fresh and fierce interpretation.

But veteran actors Mark Rylance and Ben Mendleson were really the standouts. Rylance’s BFG meets Silicon Valley employee was so unexpectedly heart warming. More in his comfort zone, Mendlson was a fantastic villain, giving a performance just shy of winking at the camera. 

Spielberg has crafted a modern day Jurassic Park that will inspire the same sense of open-jawed wonder in younger audiences and leave older audiences grinning with nostalgia induced happiness.