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  • Supergirl



    I didn’t hate this, but it really felt like the writers, given their pick of 25 years of amazing stories to adapt, settled on some random annual with missing pages they found under their older brother’s mattress.

  • The Unearthly

    The Unearthly

    One of those movies so dull even MST3K can’t salvage it.

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  • Casper



    “There’s a girl...on my bed! Yes!”

    I guess I just wasn’t prepared for Casper to be quite so...horny?

  • Osmosis Jones

    Osmosis Jones


    Sure it’s stupid and unfunny, but at least it’s frequently disgusting...

    Also, I don’t normally do this, but this has to be the best IMDb Triva note I’ve ever read:

    Warner Bros. Feature Animation was in serious financial trouble during the film's production, and in 2000 it came down to two options: green-light another film by Brad Bird, who made the critically acclaimed film The Iron Giant (1999), or this film. Warner executives chose this film over Bird's, and upon…