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    My avatar is from Real Genius. Of course I’m giving this five stars.

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Bob whispers into Charlotte’s ear: 

    As Chris Claremont envisioned him, the X-Man Remy Lebeau, aka Gambit, was intended to be the psychic manifestation of a small boy’s idea of a romantic hero. (Conversely, Mr. Sinister, with his childish sobriquet, was supposed to be that same boy’s manifestation of evil). However, soon after his introduction, Claremont was pushed off the book and his vision for Gambit went unrealized. Subsequent writers muddied and retconned Gambit’s backstory to make him more like the…

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  • Osmosis Jones

    Osmosis Jones


    Sure it’s stupid and unfunny, but at least it’s frequently disgusting...

    Also, I don’t normally do this, but this has to be the best IMDb Triva note I’ve ever read:

    Warner Bros. Feature Animation was in serious financial trouble during the film's production, and in 2000 it came down to two options: green-light another film by Brad Bird, who made the critically acclaimed film The Iron Giant (1999), or this film. Warner executives chose this film over Bird's, and upon…

  • Casper



    “There’s a girl...on my bed! Yes!”

    I guess I just wasn’t prepared for Casper to be quite so...horny?