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  • How to Fix Radios

    How to Fix Radios

    It's tough to not just "gee whiz amazing" every feature completed by teens but this is legitimately good looking and fairly professional. A couple performers who have a future and queer stories are still scant enough it's it's unique to hear one from small town Ontario even if it's earnest and young and rough around the edges. Part of the Kingston Film Festival, I was charmed by their tiktok pitch.

    Also the sound on my teen completed feature was SO BAD I can't listen to it now and it's 100% a Kevin Smith movie :(

  • Wilder Napalm

    Wilder Napalm

    Creator of Moonlighting and Vince Gilligan team up for a love triangle between a pyromaniac and two pyrokinetic brothers. Not quite as good as it sounds but fun as a kind of Burton tinged movie that feels akin to Gilligan's X-Files episodes.

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