Cameron Maitland

Filmmaker / Host / Writer. This is my job kind of somehow?

Favorite films

  • The Apartment
  • Talk to Her
  • Possession
  • Synecdoche, New York

Recent activity

  • Day Shift

  • Six Days Seven Nights

  • Blade II

  • Agatha

Recent reviews

  • Day Shift

    Day Shift

    Great fight scenes. The fight scenes are about 15 mins of this movie. Everything else is rooooough.

  • Six Days Seven Nights

    Six Days Seven Nights

    A little RIP Anne Heche viewing. It slogs at times but is kind of a great showcase of all the performers charms and interestingly often zigs when you'd expect it to zag. Still, the 90s needed more than an old timey adventure plot to light my fuse and Ford and Heche can't quite get the chemistry even if they're both charming

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