Tenet ★★★

I liked this film enough, but considering all the hype, I found it slightly disappointing.

The film was obviously well-directed, with plenty of great action and spectacle to be had. Like all of Nolan's films, the sound and visual effects were really effective. Also, as predicted, the cast were very good (and all, very attractive).

Also, I hate to be this type of person, but I didn't really understand it. The film just lacked a really interesting and engaging premise. What's really wonderful about some of Nolan's films, like Inception and Memento is that they have a really great, interesting hook, and this film just lacked that for me. It felt like a movie that never really started - it just keep going from set piece to set piece, and it's real story never really began.

It was very ambitious and fun, and I feel like I'm finally starting to enjoy going to the cinema again. However, it was just disappointing for me.

I would probably "get" this film more if I saw it again. But, I just don't really want to see it again. That's the problem with the film. Films, like Inception and Memento (which are confusing but make more sense on future viewings) still hook viewers on its story and characters, but this film just didn't hook me.

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