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  • Thoroughbreds



    Part suspense-thriller, part black comedy, Thoroughbreds ominously approaches issues that are not unique to Hollywood, but still pertinent to modern society - mental illness, wealth and the fragility of our youth. Tight-knit and extended shots craft an engaging feat for the eyes, mesmerizing the viewer and amplifying suspense simultaneously. It's driven by a percussion-fueled soundtrack that's as whimsical as it is peculiarly consuming. At times the instrumentation is minimal and simplistic and at others, it propels the story's pace into…

  • Ocean's 8

    Ocean's 8


    the best part of ocean’s 8 was that women were shown eating constantly, and eating all kinds of things, and not talking about it. women drinking beers together, women working together without any conflict, women eating fancy meals and brunch and hot dogs and nobody making shamey comments. they were people. and it felt so good. haha shit, and john mulaney said that they would secretly talk shit about each other??

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    when i started the 8th grade, youtube had only been around for 7 years. it’s virtual glow felt somehow forbidden to the unexposed teenager. what am i watching? how did i even get here? i had friendships entirely devoted to watching the same five liam kyle sullivan videos on a repeated loop. i drew salad fingers in pencil for a school art project. i would spend hours watching others play "through the fire and flames" (expert level!) on guitar hero…

  • Unfriended


    hmm but should I care tho?

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