A Woman Under the Influence

A Woman Under the Influence ★★★★½


I'm definitely gonna be a watching a lot more Cassavetes after this. A Woman Under the Influence is masterful in its subtlety and performance. A microcosm tale fraught with unrelieved calamities exacerbated by a waving mind. A simple blue collar worker is desperate for his life to be as one would describe him, simple. He wants his wife and no-one else but her decaying mental state causes worry for their family. He pleads for a middle ground. A ground where matters are quiet and gossip calm and there is some semblance of normality. Arguments flair up, fights break out, there are many instances of a mental breakdown and all with the children observing in ignorance and fear. They are probably the secondary tragedy to all this. A Woman Under the Influence is a deeply emotional and complex story that all I can do is admire and appreciate that it exists so thank you Cassavetes.

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