Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Army of the Dead throws flesh filled insanity at you to the beat of some rather on the nose soundtracks but, to tell the truth, I had my head bobbing throughout.

This film is infected (intended) with the best and worst Snyderisms even though it doesn't completely commit to what we've known him to be. This is both good and bad. It has its fair share of slow motion, stock character development and stylish cinematography choices. I understand Snyder worked as his own DP and there are some interesting results. Some scenes were cast in an indecipherable darkness but then others look quite spectacular. Shout out to the final shot of the film which needs to be on my wall asap. You can cherry pick this which results in it being very difficult to talk about the film in absolutes. What I think I can say though is that the style slightly triumphs over the substance as is the case with every Snyder film but to a lesser degree than in previous cases. It helps this sit near the top of his filmography as well as on the top of a hill of zombie corpses.

This probably won't convert many who aren't already privy to Snyder's aphorisms but it's difficult not to have an absolute blast with this. Even by overstating its welcome you still want to watch to the end cause it's too damn fun. Not great but fun.


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