Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

I shall start off by saying that I'm glad this got made. I have incessantly complained about studio interference dulling an artistic vision and the fact that Snyder had free reign here is pretty cool. I suppose thanks to streaming, gone are they days when filling cinema seats are the only option for financial success. I am in no way a proponent of streaming over cinema, but for something this long and ambitious, streaming is a comfortable home for it and has given us something we would otherwise never see.

I despise Whedon's Justice League so this was not something I was overly amped for. Thankfully this is a far cry from the original. Every character (bar Lois Lane who has one note being "I miss my hubby") has been coated with extra layers with the most impressive improvement being Cyborg. He was a nothing character in the original but is now fully fleshed out (or...chromed out I guess) and plays a far more integral part to the plot. Although every character has been improved, they are still woefully held back by adolescent dialogue and at times, questionable CGI. For someone who loves using CGI, you would think Snyder would get a more consistent team rather than a collage of Bric a Brac pixelated rendering of differing quality.

This leads on to Snyder's "style". It is very pronounced here. Some will find it grandiose and epic and others will see it as if a high skater boy got given 70 million dollars. I'm a bit in the middle but my eyes glance towards the latter. Although, in some ways he manages to balance things more evenly than in his previous cinematic efforts. There is more of it than in other Snyder works but less of it compared to Whedon's Justice League. Thankfully Snyder emancipated most of the cringy humor from the original but as I said before, the script is weak so don't expect any gut-busters.

Now obviously this is long. It's about as long as Gone With the Wind for God's sake! But to be honest it was never a slug. In all honesty, if the copious amounts of slow motion that was used was sped up, this would be about 3 hours I would bet. But then again I kind of liked the Flash scene serenaded by Mortal Coil's "Song to the Siren" or the folkish Aquaman scene where "There is a Kingdom" invites him to the sea. There is a lot of slow motion but some of it enhanced the film I believe.

The plot is far more complicated but somehow more put together. This is in large part to do with the run time but it was never overbearing. The film blasts itself to, in Heinz-site, a predictable ending but the final 20 minutes drops a few surprises at you feet setting up future projects if so any filmmaker dares take the helm. It could have ended about 5 times before it actually did but they kept tacking on more little Easter Eggs. Some were cool but they were largely unnecessary. This film will not change Scorsese's mind but its a film I don't care to carry a negative perception about to be honest. It wasn't fantastic but I like that it got made and I just don't care to hate it.

So those are my opinions on Snyder's Justice League. A strange experience altogether that will ironically divide audiences.


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