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  • Loveless



    I don't think the title is referring to this family, because it's starting to seem like a family's being loveless goes without saying for Andrey Zvyagintsev. Really trying to hammer home how depressing his movies are, the title refers both to a marriage and to a little boy who has figured out something that eludes most adults: that kids do kind of ruin your life. Getting a divorce is a good first step toward freedom for his parents, who find…

  • Arrhythmia



    Physician, can thy heal a broken heart? Yes, I just pointed out the corny metaphor in that title, which is still not as insensitive about heart conditions as said physician's wife. That she's fed up with her husband for not spending enough time with her to let his patients deteriorate should let him know that he's with the wrong woman. By that logic, he may also be in the wrong job if his new EMA manager is threatening to deal…

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  • Guardians



    Somebody hurry up and thaw Captain America, because Marx's Avengers are on the move! Never mind "Guardians of the Galaxy"; it's "Guardians of the... well, come to think of it, "Galaxy" does sound Russian enough that you can probably figure the Soviet Union's endgame. For now, the CCCP's best-kept secret weapons are now gathering from across the Soviet Galaxy to tackle a more immediate issue at the height of the Cold War. The scientist behind this superhumans project has gone…

  • The Final Girls

    The Final Girls


    And here I thought Abigail Breslin was the "final girl", but apparently, there are a bunch of other ladies who are finite in something. Leave it to me to know about and remember "Final Girl" enough to think about it first thing when I see this film (Alexander Ludwig seriously stars in both movies, so I find it impossible to not), while everyone else is possibly thinking about "American Horror Story" when they see Taissa Farmiga. It's hard to not…