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  • The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid

    The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid


    It's titles like these that make me miss when Hollywood westerns had country theme songs. This does sound like a Porter Wagoner ballad waiting to happen, though I guess "The Great Train Robbery" was kind of played-out. That's especially the case when you're talking about Jesse James, with Cole Younger extending an offer for James to change up his MO a bit. Fighting off marauders has earned James and Younger a pardon in Missouri, but because the public still consider…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    Snatching the bodies didn't work out, so I reckon these aliens are going to have to switch them. It's a joke about the new cast and crew, people, though I think I might be onto something based on how many remakes came after this. This particular batch of critters from a destroyed world are making their way to San Francisco, and should probably blend in well enough posing as flowers (Any Scott McKenzie fans here?). Once there, though, the intergalactic…

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  • Europa Europa

    Europa Europa


    Was "The Rape of Europa" not an unfortunately catchy title already without this film copping to that? The title sounds like a Titian painting, but the premise makes it seem like the Pacific War film industry couldn't have "Empire of the Sun" without there being an Eastern Front remake. A young German Jew manages to escape the horrible fate of his parents, then proceeds to keep his ethnicity under wraps a little too well. I mean, if you were a…

  • The Final Girls

    The Final Girls


    And here I thought Abigail Breslin was the "final girl", but apparently, there are a bunch of other ladies who are finite in something. Leave it to me to know about and remember "Final Girl" enough to think about it first thing when I see this film (Alexander Ludwig seriously stars in both movies, so I find it impossible to not), while everyone else is possibly thinking about "American Horror Story" when they see Taissa Farmiga. It's hard to not…