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  • America's Sweethearts

    America's Sweethearts


    Cinematic Time Capsule
    2001 Marathon - Film #92

    ”Does it hurt?”
    “Only when I’m awake”

    I love soda-pop, but if you leave it open on the counter for a week, it’ll taste exactly like this movie… Great ingredients, but disappointingly flat.

    How did a cast this awesome with a fun premise, turn out such a bland and tasteless soft drink?

    ”What does that mean?”
    “I don’t know what it means…. it’s very old”

    BONUS POINTS to Christopher Walken, who with…

  • Made



    Cinematic Time Capsule
    2001 Marathon - Film #91

    ”You got any idea what kinda job
    I’m throwing down this time?”

    Vince Vaughn comes out swinging as the world’s most annoying jackass who manages to say and do the wrong thing every time.

    This pseudo followup to Swingers was Jon Favreau’s directorial debut. Sadly it’s not quite as smooth and suffers from some tonal and pacing issues. However, watching Vaughn get under Peter Falk’s skin is hilarious and well worth the price of admission.

    ”Well….. that’s one way to handle people”

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