Blow ★★★★

Cinematic Time Capsule
2001 Marathon - Film #44

”I can’t feel the my face”

Welcome to Ted Demme’s Cocaine Cowboys!

It’s the Goodfellas of drug running, complete with a killer cast and a ton of montages all set to a kick-ass soundtrack.

Johnny Depp carries the movie as we follow him through several decades of the highs and lows of a life of crime. Paul Reubens is great as the pot dealing hairdresser and Rachel Griffiths is outstanding as the worst mother a drug lord could ever hope for.

Although it’s not a perfect by any means, I always felt it was under-appreciated. I suspect it’s because even though the first half kicks off with a ton of fun and energy, the second half spends a huge amount of time on the aftermath of the downfall, which sets the whole thing up for an incredibly depressing finish.

“It was the greatest feeling I ever had.
Followed abruptly by the worst feeling I ever had”

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