The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

“Depends on whether they’re smart pretending to be idiots, or idiots pretending to be smart.”

Wow, what an unexpectedly fun ride.

This film takes the tone of Ready or Not, mixes it with Battle Royale and then injects it with a ton of energy.

The politics are WAY too on the nose, but if you ignore all of that and just enjoy the story, it’s a violent and darkly humored popcorn movie that never slows down. I loved the cup and balls beginning where you have no idea who the main characters are. Every time you think you’ve found one you’re brutally shown just how wrong you are. It’s such a great device for teaching the audience that anything can happen.

Once we find our main character she’s absolutely mesmerizing! Betty Gilpin carries the movie as the unpredictable and hilarious bad-ass.

Considering how low my expectations were, I had a shockingly good time.

“I don’t think they believe you Gary”

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