You Ought to Be in Pictures

You Ought to Be in Pictures ★★★★

”You mean to say you want to get out of your cartoon contract?”

Looney Tunes goes full Roger Rabbit as Daffy convinces Porky to give up his animated gig and enter the “real world” of feature films.

This short features several cameos including, Leon Schlesinger, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett and Michael Maltese as the security guard who’s surreally dubbed by Mel Blanc. Speaking of which, they didn’t have audio recording equipment for the live shots so nearly all the actors are dubbed by Blanc.

BONUS POINTS for Daffy’s attempt to shoehorn himself into Porky’s job with a madcap audition that’s capped off by a looney rendition of "The Barber of Seville"

”Gee, I wonder if I can get my job back again!”

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