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  • Ghoulies II

    Ghoulies II


    feel like this is the movie i was expecting when i watched garbage pail kids?? sort of burnt out on carnival premises at this point but this was still slightly better than the first because a bunch of people finally realize the ghoulies are cool

  • Troll



    if i'd known this was 1% horror and 99% magical fantasy fairytale shit for nerds i would have watched it a long time ago!! this is so full of weird lovable moments featuring future and past tv actors and mindblowing tacky late 80s set decor/costumes and ugly-cute puppets and then you have phil fondacaro doing this super deep amazing shit out of nowhere and a buried metaphor about pre-tween hormones that i could totally dig up if i was less lazy and more insane. also really funny...on purpose!! flush your so bad it's goods down the toilet

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  • Minions


    when i say i would die for my daughter, it doesn't only mean i would give her a vital organ or make her drink the last of the water in a desert or take her place in front of an oncoming speeding vehicle or pull her out of a burning building. it also means i will die thousands upon thousands of small deaths - i watched the seconds of my life tick slowly away as i endured the mind-numbing boredom…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    i don't care what anyone - including the director - says, this movie is only about one thing: the soft spot you'll always have for the first obnoxious dumbass you fell in love with