China O'Brien

China O'Brien ★★★½

ok i hate cops and this movie is so dumb. but oh my god cynthia rothrock annihilates every gross guy in town, deputizes a band of tanned n tank topped hunks so they can help her free a house of sex slaves (like seriously they just open the doors and all the ladies casually walk out onto the street in their nightgowns, chatting like they're going to brunch), and as always wears the most amazing 90's fashions. like, she gets challenged to fight five dudes in an alley and she shows up wearing red pants, a blue blazer with huge shoulder pads, white high top sneakers, and a blue and red silk scarf. she has a special occasion jeweled scrunchie!!!! she goes to a bar in all white business casual and kicks a guy in the balls with her white pumps! yes!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you cynthia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!