Little Shop of Horrors

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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched director's and theatrical endings. Both are brilliant - theatrical as a bleak satire of The American Dream (my god, the pitiful 'Somewhere That's Green'), director's as a heartbreaking and hilarious special effects spectacle. Both are perfect, both are beautiful. My favorite part about the bluray release is the sound - full and clean, yes, but the only audio that makes it past the soundstage echo are the songs, bursting out and full of life. The director ending has great sound too, and I love that even in the world takeover the smaller bits are filmed as a play, the sets and false backgrounds obvious behind hordes of army men. In a little behind the scenes special feature Oz says he learned the power that close-ups have, and how greatly they affect an audiences emotional reaction to characters. So could you not love Seymour's melancholy face, Audrey's tortured gazes off into the distance? One of the saddest and darkest and funniest black comedies, in the top tier of musicals AND science fiction AND drama AND comedy AND...AND...AND...