Magnum Force ★★★½

somehow i forgot all about the emotional rollercoaster 1970's crime movies are, they're so hilarious but so fucking sick, like how do you make a movie with this cute little stunt where harry pretends to be a pilot and then brutally murder a prostitute and then go right back to the cute stuff without going insane? i mean the creators must be equally emotionally distant from each event, what does that say about the final product? anyway, maybe this plays differently today than it did back then, but harry's whole "i'm against the system but i love most of the rules" sort of thing is very "don't take away my gun rights you filthy bastards but if you get killed by a cop it's your own fault for not obeying", which is basically the core of conservative values, yeah? i love the government when it protects me, but not when it protects the Other People, and whoever has the gun gets to pick who the Other People are? right? anyway, this to me is more about harry himself - the world is trying to crush him from every angle, and he's just throwing bullets around in the vague hope that he'll end up on the right side of things, or at least alive. though i don't know if he actually cares about being alive - the thing that makes eastwood a genius in my opinion is his way of projecting a vague melancholy underneath his ultra-macho exterior, like the world is spinning too fast and he's just hanging on and gettin' while the gettin's good. well...whatever. this thing is wonky, and kinda felt like 95% act 1 and 5% act 3, and it's brutal and sad, but it's also hilarious, and i liked it better than the first one. i love these nasty movies that are opposite of everything i believe is right and good in the world even though i feel like i'm going to hell for enjoying them. also, men are super incredibly gay for guns and if one of the dudes in this movie had given his gun a sweet little kiss nobody who saw it would have blinked. i'm sure they do kiss them before they tuck them in at bedtime.

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