Tenet ★★★★

the fabric of spacetime (chopped & screwed)

yeah this is a conservative military wet dream with a little touch of contempt for women, but i will never be able to resist a movie that creates an entirely new language of human interaction, like an alien trying to simulate earth from only reading books about it, that asks questions about the universe without even attempting to answer them, that tries to reach some previously undiscovered realm of conciousness via chases and explosions and cool special effects. probably the only movie i've seen in the last 10 years or so that really feels like something from the future - pretentious nonsense that is delivered so earnestly it circles back around to being profound. easily the best nolan, with most of the credit going to the cast, who were all wonderful and miraculously read the script and understood it enough to know exactly what to do. something sadistically brilliant about delivering that much complicated dialogue through several thick accents, helmets, phones, oxygen masks, headset microphones, walkie talkies, etc - either intentionally mysterious, a statement about the impenetrability of life and other people's minds, or a trick to get you to buy more than one ticket. i have no choice but to respect it!

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