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  • W/O Ram

    W/O Ram


    super stylish, great script, well performed, men are the worst - love it!!! india has turned out so many amazing mystery/thrillers the last few years...and romcoms...and drama...and action...all this time i spent complaining about the death of solid original movies for adults that came out nonstop in the 90s, i just wasn't looking in the right place

  • Hridaynath



    kinda goofy but interesting - the gangster heart transplant is basically a midlife crisis, about resolving the internal conflict of nonviolence vs fighting injustice. still manages to fit 4 songs into only 105 minutes, and the resolution feels too quick, the concept had a lot of potential but the script was pretty weak. jackie carries the whole thing, he deserved better but i still enjoyed it because i love him

  • Drishyam



    extremely satisfying thriller about how uneducated film nerds are way smarter than cops

  • Taal


    gave it about 30mins and then ff'd through everything but the songs (which are amazing ugh) and a few anil scenes, i'm counting it as watched anyway bc it's my page and i can do what i want!! like ok sweetie you just go home and be a pure innocent servant to your ugly stalker husband, there are plenty of sane women who would happily take your superstar millionaire career and anil too, step aside, nobody cares

  • Chalte Chalte

    Chalte Chalte


    i spiral into a full identity crisis literally every time i watch a romcom because i hate petty abusive men but i love beautiful dramatic music & sexy people & crying at last minute reconciliations

  • Socha Na Tha

    Socha Na Tha


    underneath the vaguely made for tv aesthetic and extremely cursed early 2000s fashions/music there are so many moments of exquisite sensual beauty, and there's something so satisfying about a simple predictable premise executed well.

  • Shararat



    saccharine and predictable but beautiful in that accidental dreamy sunday morning soap opera way. abhishek is a jerk but his gal stole his bag of chips and fed them to some birds so whatever you two deserve each other. he should have been permanently banned from dancing but thank god he wasn't! i love to see it!! idk it's cute, i love the dancing senior citizens and the cursed fashions and the soft lighting and the fog and the song that sounds like ez listening bossa nova

  • Tamasha



    conceptually, this is incredible - boy and girl meet, boy stagnates, girl never let go of her dreams, boy loses his entire mind when he realizes he's become more boring than girl. why are men like this!! but this was, to me, equal parts beautiful and unbearably whimsical, to the point where it feels like a parody (& maybe in a way it is idk). not fond of the last minute attempt to make ranbir a victim & his "rebirth" just…

  • Raees



    i want to do more reading & watch this again sometime because i feel like there was a lot of political/religious commentary i probably missed, especially considering the context of all the scandals surrounding its release. that aside - this was VERY different than i expected, donwright goofy at some points but simultaneously painfully sad, feels very much like an action movie of the time period it takes place in. this is the kind of character SRK should always play imo,…

  • Om Shanti Om

    Om Shanti Om


    tired: using makeup, prosthetics, wigs, weight gain, and intense study to become a historical figure for oscar nominations

    wired: getting totally ripped at 45 years old for a single five minute dance sequence because farah said you must get abs, hop into a set that looks like a giant vagina, and harness the powers of the four elements to destroy every heterosexual woman in the galaxy

  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold


    the nostalgia loop grows ever smaller, imagine how messed up it feels to take your almost-13 year old to see a movie aimed at preteen children who have childhood memories of watching the show as toddlers?? anyway, this was highly enjoyable and cute, vaguely tries to add in some ~lessons~ but thankfully abandons them in favor of dumb cheap humor for most of the runtime. will definitely be watching it again at home. i know the anti-colonizer jokes are pandering…

  • American Yakuza

    American Yakuza


    looks surprisingly beautiful, best not to think too hard about the rest