Chameleon ★★★★

Chameleon is a #2019 Crime/Thriller. This one is about a struggling ex-con who was recently released from prison, he is trying his best to stay on the straight and narrow. But a wrench gets thrown into his life, when his partner gets released and convinces him into a scam where they con trophy wives and their rich husbands.
First off i just want to say how much this movie surprised me, i didnt really have any expectations going in, but that was probably a good thing.
The writing tells a woderfully dark and twisty tale of crime and greed, i really appreciate the way it dove into the main character, but revealed just enough to keep the movie feeling mysterious.
There are also more than a few twists throughout, and they will definitely keep you on your toes and guessing.
The characters overall are pretty strong, Patrick the main character has a sort of sympathetic humanity to him, that makes you want to root for him even though hes a bad guy.
I would like to shout out @marcusmizelle for his directing here, for a low budget indie he packs some big budget visuals. The quality of the camera work for the entirety of this film is amazing. The pacing is very tense, you always feel like somethings about to happen, the tone is dark, gritty and unforgiving.
This is really and truly a very beautifully shot film, i cant wait to see what he works on next.
Another thing i really enjoyed with this was the musical score, it was eerie and haunting, it felt a lot like Sicario or Wind River with its long drawn out notes.
In conclusion this is a solid well put together thriller that i definitely recommend checking out.