The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back ★★★★★

“nice moves, pop-n-lock!”
i can’t even begin to explain how much this movie means to me. 
i vividly remember watching this for the first time with my family; we just picked it on a whim without knowing anything about it. i was probably 13, and 13-year old me really needed this movie i guess because as soon as the credits started i just completely lost it. just full blown hysterical crying (and in turn my family looking at me like i was actually insane).
and i guess now-19-year old me continues to need this movie because turns out i still can’t watch it without fucking bawling my eyes out! It’s About The Relatability...!
anyway, this is my ultimate comfort film because i just feel Seen but at the same time it’s funny but it breaks my heart and makes me realize how much i really, really love maya rudolph and sam rockwell and toni collette and allison janney

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