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  • Lizzie



    Forgot to review this one before. Watched it like a month and a half ago. It was boring and misdone.

  • The Night Comes For Us

    The Night Comes For Us


    Last year's "Headshot" (another ultraviolent Indonesian martial arts movie available in the U.S. primarily on Netflix) featured a sequence where someone gets their face filled with shotgun shot - the graphic nature of that sequence stuck with me because usually a gunshot either hits or doesn't, and rarely do movies commit themselves to graphic depictions of near-misses just for the sake of accuracy (that same guy dies super quickly after, so the make-up wasn't even for a plot reason). "Headshot"…

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  • Halloween



    David Gordon Green directs a movie so poorly cut that I'm surprised it wasn't a student project.

    A plot so convoluted that it fits right in with this middling-to-awful series of slasher films, anchored by two legitimately great movies on either end (Halloween & Zombie's Halloween II) with an all-time great tribute movie (H20) in the middle.

    Halloween (2018) lacks the vision to be either a great movie *or* a great tribute, settling instead for being a confused horror-comedy mismash of…

  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    A solid drama about addiction struggles. Two great leads but ultimately feels like it doesn’t do a lot to differentiate itself from the rest of its kind. I understand the anticlimax is necessary and a purposeful choice but something about it doesn't land. Terrible soundtrack, strange editing choices that seem added to give the movie some momentum beyond its narrative (the choice doesn't pay off).