Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★★

I was at a party and we all watched this, I haven’t logged it so might as well right? 

This is my 10th? Time watching this movie after watching it so many times, I’ve picked up on a lot of flaws and issues and plot holes, but honestly I don’t care about its issues, because I think it’s allowed to have its issues, we have never seen a movie of this caliber. In fact it’s the first of its kind a movie structured like this, objectively shouldn’t work at all, if you knew nothing from the comics, nothing from the MCU or have no idea who these hero’s are, then this movie is definitely alone is probably 2/5 if not lower, however that’s not the case. We as the audience already know these characters, we know who they are, we have seen every movie up to this point, (if you haven’t seen them all and decided to watch this, you are doing a disservice and is of no surprise that you would give it a lower rating compared to the masses). The set up for this movie is perfect, we have been teased for this “event” since avengers, and to others like me who have read the comics, have been waiting for this movie since birth, since first rational thought and there are older gentlemen that have been waiting since the beginning of comics. The hype for this was biggest hype I think I’ve ever had in my life, the pay off? Was it worth all the hype? YES!  For me at least. 

I’ve been a fan of super hero’s since as long as I can remember, I’ve had a terrible childhood with horrific events that’s I’ve been through and because of that I’ve done a lot of terrible things. My only way to escape from the miserable reality was through comics, videos game, tv and movies. I’m a fan of marvel and dc (also dark horse comic) and when I was in middle school, all I wanted was more super movies, like Spider-Man and the X-man. I wanted a Deadpool movie, civil war movie, infinity war, Batman vs super man and infinit crisis and more!! And i got all of it and much more, sure I’m kinda annoyed that people made fun of me for liking Deadpool when I was in middle school or liking rocket raccoon, but now those same people love these movies, (fucking posers 🙃) JK, but I’m serious I’m gald so many people who have no idea who most of these hero’s are, are now huge fans and are acting all nerdy it makes me feel happy. 

What Everyone wanted from this movie was the interactions between characters, seeing Tony be sassy with Dr. strange, because we know they are both are identical, see Thor with GROOT and rocket play off each other and so much more. Of course the way this movie was structured it was meant to introduce Thanos and show him off and develop him into a character with he’s own arc. 

The MCU is vastly different from the comics, everyone is nerfed to a degree and the events in the movie along with origin stories are different and honestly that’s great!! A lot of things that happen in the comics wouldn’t make much sense in the big screen, even though I really wanted to see the Thanos helicopter...... (we got to see Thanos bubbles, soo not all is lost 🤓) 

I won’t discuss the issues, that’s for another time this review is long as it is

This is not a masterpiece, FAR FROM IT! But this for me truly is a 5/5 probably the lowest 5/5 on my 5/5 list (soon I’ll make the list 😅) but yeah

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