Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Family.. what is a family? A family can be those who we relate to by blood, that’s the most common definition of the word, but What about adopted families? Is a family a mom and a dad?? Or two dads and two moms? What about two dads and one mom?or two moms and one dad??? Even strangers can be family... let’s change the definition, a family in my opinion, is a group of individuals that, not only support you, but love you for being you and will never stop loving you, they will look over you and protect you from harm and would want you to be happy and live a better life than theirs... they will always be there, you can always rely on them.. through thick and thin.. 

Paris, Texas, goes into much more depth than just family, but the impact family has on our lives. 
The movie is kinda slow, but it necessary in order to tell our tragic tale. The movie builds and builds and we grow to love this broken father and there is this mystery surrounding him, we are teased every few minutes, but we never find out what happened to him, up until the last 40 minutes of the movie.
Travis our broken dad, is “lost” he’s been missing for 4 years and left he’s child with he’s brother in L.A, we the audience don’t find out why, but we are curious to find out, we the audience are represented by Travis’s brother, Walt, who also ask the question, “what happened” he just like us says, “shouldn’t hunter be with he’s real father” hunter being the child Travis left behind for 4 years, both the audience and Walt are one and our feelings and questions go through Walt, “you know what Trav, I’m getting sick and tried of doing all the talking”, “he should be with he’s real father”, “I’m tried of this Trav!! What happened? What happened in those 4 years”, “why did you run away?” “Where’s Jane??”. We ask and ask and have this mind set about family, but of course we don’t see the big picture, we don’t see in between the lines, what we get at the end of the film is more then we bargain for... 

However at the end of the day, family is strong, Walt after being told where Travis was dropped everything to find him, and put up with all he’s shit, because that’s what family does and even thinks of hunter as he’s own son. Meanwhile Travis, Runs from the family he left behind and after 4 years decideds to make a move, a move to break our hears.. 

We all run from things, it’s human nature. We run from our family, our friends and even our selfs. We do things that don’t make sense and we fight over the dumbest of things. Sometimes we hate the family we are with, but there all we got at the end of the day and when you lose that, you lose apart of yourself. The family we are with can be annoying, cruel or not related at all, but it’s family.. 

I’ve been running away from myself, from my family and from my friends. I still run, my family doesn’t know the horrors I’ve done and I’m always quite at parties because I don’t know how to interact with them... I’m slowly open up to my friends, but even then I’m lying about something or too afraid to go into detail or even tell the truth and I’ve been running away from my feelings I have towards my mom, who I haven’t seen in 8 years!! We haven’t been on the best of terms and I have a lot of trauma because if her....but we are all family.. even after all the shit I got from them we are still a family. 
I consider my step mom and sisters as part of my family and I consider a lot of my friends as part of my family, and my mom is my mom and nothing can change that....

Paris, Texas, is a movie that shows true human emotion and the meaning of family... it shows us that even with our flaws our family will still love us, it shows us that we can stop running.. to face our demons, to face our fears and to move on, because family is made from love and will always be love..
As for me, I think all still run from my sins and fears I’m not ready to truly face them, not just yet, just as Travis goes off into the sunset looking for Paris.............. Texas.....

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